Teach The Teachers Collaborative


Curriculum Goals Overview 2007

The professional development experiences at TTTC offer a rich opportunity for every participant. Designed and delivered by education professionals who embody the very combination of teaching AND technology skills that we wish to promote in our participants, the Standards-Based instruction is intense and stimulating.

The seminars this summer are sponsored by Los Angeles Unified School District and will focus on teachers of middle school science, physical education and the LAVA program.

In the future – 2008 and beyond – TTTC will be prepared to offer a wide variety of courses to meet the ever changing demands of the education technology community. We anticipate we offering these courses for participants from around California and the country. Visit the links on this page for courses in the past presented at TTTC.

Some basic and well-tested procedures will continue to be used this summer and into the future. Teachers work in a wireless in classroom environment equipped with the latest presentation devices. Taking further advantage of the residential setting and totaimmersion methodology, instructors often expect participants to work both in and out of class by connecting their computer to the campus net from any classroom, dorm room, or meeting place. Evening presentations and discussions further enrich or extend the participants' daily instruction.

During their time at TTTC, all participants focus carefully on a common goal: to create a lesson plan, learning activity or technology content unit end of the week. Assisted by the instructor, all participants are able to succeed in this challenge by the time of departure early Friday afternoon.

We know that professional development is a process – not an event. Their experiences at TTTC are just a component – albeit an important one – of the year-round, life-long commitment we have to improving our craft as teachers.

In this way graduates of TTTC become a part of a family, both in residence at The Thacher School and in an electronic community, that binds teacher and mentor, trainer and trainee, expert and novice, enthusiast and skeptic, leader and follower. Each of us brings unique value to the process; through the combined talents of all of us, we'll improve the teaching of each of us.

Kurt Meyer
Instructor of Mathematics, The Thacher School
Treasurer, Teach the Teachers Collaborative