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Life at Thacher

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“I could feel the traditions of Thacher–honesty, trust, diligence, creativity–in the room.”

Diane Tengan
Gahr High School, Los Angeles, CA

Founded in 1889, The Thacher School is recognized nationally as a top-tier coeducational boarding school that prepares academically talented students for selective colleges and lives of leadership and service. The demanding curriculum includes 17 AP courses, and culminates for seniors with an independent research project on a topic of their choice. The student-faculty ratio is 5:1; the average class size is 11. Thacher’s 235 students hail from 28 states and 11 countries. Twenty-five percent receive financial aid. In a community renowned for its warmth and unpretentiousness, challenges of academics are combined with those of mountains and horses, of sports and the arts. This distinctive combination is at the heart of an education that produces students who embody resourcefulness, good judgment and personal integrity.

TOADS Thacher Students (affectionately called Toads, after the Thacher mascot, a toad) help during the summer.