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TTTC Completes 2007 Sessions

Ending our really successful Teach the Teachers Collaborative 2006 session was much like ending the school year when one is filled with a feeling of success and satisfaction and anticipates the prospect of limitless time and space ahead to read, rest and recreate. And for me the real luxury of the time to plan for 2007 lay out there as well (or so I thought). As I write this, here we are in the final week of our 2007 classes. (Albert, where are you when we need you to explain this strange contraction of time?) This update reviews Week One of our 2007 sessions, but before we get into that, I think it useful to review the TTTC mission statement to put our efforts into perspective: Our mission is to deliver to the educational community the finest professional development experience in the effective and efficient use of information age technologies to improve student motivation, achievement and employability; to enhance content and its integration into the curriculum; and to support California State Academic Standards. Did we succeed? How did the Week One teachers respond to the TTTC experience?? Here are some impressions from the participants:

Let’s keep those in mind as we look at the details.

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