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2007 -- Week One: LAVA

LAVA Flows

LAVA Flows!

Sharing the week with the PE contingent were teachers involved in the Los Angeles Virtual Academy project, a unique project to meet the District’s unique challenges. Here are a few of those challenges: to meet the needs of the various students and teacher populations, provide equitable access to quality instruction for its diverse student population, and relieve overcrowding. To help address these needs the District has established an online learning initiative called the Los Angeles Virtual Academy (LAVA), a virtual high school program that offers students access to high quality, standards-based, content-driven learning experiences that meet their learning needs and expand the boundaries of the classroom.

LAVA utilizes a hybrid or blended delivery model to provide instruction to students. This model utilizes asynchronous, synchronous, and face-to-face content delivery methods. LAVA currently offers Advanced Placement courses, selected A – G course offerings and credit recovery opportunities. The Los Angeles Virtual Academy has been in existence for two years and in that time has grown to serve approximately 800 student enrollments annually.

The experiences, as you might expect from the above, during the LAVA week’s program were extensive. Witness this typical day’s work:

THURSDAY OIC Library Stacks Room



Early Morning Hike – meet in front of Study Hall

Coffee and cold cereal available in the dining room



8:30 (90 min)

Finalize Learning Objects/Help session with instructor and other colleagues


Morning Break

Coffee/tea and snack available in the Science Courtyard

10:20 (100 min)

Elluminate Session


Lunch - TTTC Store Open


(2 1/2 hrs)

Participant sharing of Learning Objects (continued)

Module VII: Class Preparation

1. Review Semester Checklist

2. Student Guide review


Afternoon session ends: Recreational options are available such as tennis, swimming, basketball, soccer, weight machines, relaxing . . .

Daily Instructor’s Meeting 3:30-4:00 pm – The Commons






As assigned

Elluminate meeting: Share Best Practices (classroom v online)

Develop strategies for scenarios:

  1. A student is reluctant to post to the forum or does not respond appropriately
  2. A student does not perform to expectations in assignments.
  3. A student does not submit assignments timely.
  4. A student has not been in the course in two weeks.


Work on project with support from instructors

Sign-up required so enough personnel will be on hand to assist as needed.

Note that this is the fourth day of work. These folks are busy. Again, all this relates to using in the classroom, techniques learned at TTTC. The number of evening enrichment opportunities is very impressive as well:

Optional Learning Object Creation Workshops

Intro to Video – Preston Williams & Fredy Cazares (Monday and Tuesday)

Intro to Digital Photography – Bob Sachs (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday)

Google Docs – Janice Stearns

PowerPoint – Paul Guenthner

Hopsports – Kurt Kruegar, Geri Montano (Monday)

Yoga - Toads (TBD)

Orienteering GPS – John Lenhardt

Heartrate Monitors – Sherlett Hendley, Ruby Mayada (Tuesday)

And I bet you know some of these instructors!

One sort of humorous note: the teachers in this program could opt for the optional 615AM walk. The PE teachers were on task at 630AM.

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