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2007: TTTC Vendor Night!

Vendor Contribution

Vendor Contribution

On Tuesday of our first week, we held our vendor night. And what a night! In my seven years of working with TTTC, I have not seen a bigger turnout.

Most teachers tend to look at the vendors as persons trying to sell something, a fact no one will deny. After all, they are sales people. But we really need to recognize our vendors can do much to help us.

First of all, the good sales reps will always stay current with the competition. Their compensation depends on it! Clearly, the teacher’s job is so labor intensive that keeping up with products that might help you is simply not possible. I know that they may not get around to your school building, but they all have telephones and email and also are frequently available at events like the state and local CUE conferences.

Here’s our list of vendors with contact information:






Grant Scheffer

843 388 2812

Anne Merrem

School Specialty

Danny Radd Debi Lowy

Anne Merrem


Christine Streifel



Shelia Cunningham-Lodge


John Wilkin


949) 218-0755

California Parks

Brad Krey

Speed Stacks

Roger Washburn

Kendall Hunt




Human Kinetics

Cassidy Groth

(800) 747.4457

x 2310

Some final observations:

Good reps will stand behind their products. A couple of simple questions: Who else is using this product? Would you sponsor a visit to that site so we can see it in action and talk to the teachers?

The answers give a great indication of product acceptance.

And to get on the vendors good side, having them come to do a demo is always a good strategy. It is even more powerful if you can arrange for the actual decision makers to be there…

As one of the vendor corps for some 30+ years (all in the schools), I have a strong belief that they are great partners to have.

Bob Walczak

Executive Director

Teach the Teachers Collaborative

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