Teach The Teachers Collaborative


The Collaborative

In 1999, the Vons/Pavilions Teach the Teachers Collaborative™ (TTTC), a unique partnership of public and private schools, VONS/Pavilions, technology companies, and a strategic philanthropy advisory group, was formed to address the critical need for teacher training in technology, creating the first professional development project of its kind. This unprecedented collaboration brought together diverse partners who had a strong commitment to the education community and to the futures of our children.

After a two-year interim, the Teach the Teachers Collaborative is resuming its Professional Development Seminars for K-12 teachers and administrators. This summer TTTC offers two separate, week-long courses for educators who will be enriching their ability to integrate technology into the curriculum.

In the two-year interim since 2001, the Board continued to meet and to search for funding so we could resume operations. So that a wider range of experiences would be available in the planning process, the existing Board felt it important to increase its size from four to seven members. At the November 11, 2003 Board meeting, these seven members were approved and accepted two-year terms. Contact information for the Board is listed below.

At the same meeting, the Board appointed Kurt Meyer, Treasurer; and Bob Walczak, Executive Director and President of the Board; their terms are also for two years.

TTTC’s ability to offer two weeks of programs in 2004 is the result of very generous financial and staff support from Los Angeles Unified School District. Because of they are the sole source of funding, participation this summer will be limited to members of the LAUSD faculty and administration. This training is planned for the last two weeks of July.

However, and this fact cannot be emphasized too strongly, the Board is committed to recreating TTTC to meet current and future technology training and professional development requirements for educators across the state.

Larger programs are planned for 2005 and 2006, with the goal of offering six weeks of sessions within the next five years. As in the past, educators from around the state and the country will be eligible to attend.

Our refreshed website will be our primary announcement vehicle:

TTTC is pleased to continue its partnerships with the Thacher School, CUE (Computer Using Educators), Gateway, and CSG. We are very pleased to add Los Angeles Unified School District to our partnership team. Information on these partnerships will be posted on our website.

Finally, at the November 11, Board meeting, the Board passed a resolution recognizing and thanking Kurt and Alice Meyer for their unstinting efforts in making TTTC a singularly exemplary program whose reputation extended not only beyond California but also across the oceans. Many of you who know Kurt and Alice from your attending TTTC sessions are well aware of their dedication and hard work. We are pleased that Kurt returns to the Board with his wisdom and institutional history.

The TTTC Board of Directors understands the effort we are undertaking is significant. In the years ahead, we will require additional funding, curriculum ideas, instructors, and participants. We are looking forward to meeting these challenges. We need your help. Please be in touch with me or any other Board members with ideas, comments, and suggestions. After all, this is a collaborative effort.