Teach The Teachers Collaborative


The TTTC Website—A Brief History

TTTC’s earliest commitments aimed at helping teachers to understand the power of technology, to use that power to create classroom applications, and to share those applications through our website. A rich variety of teacher created curriculum covering all grades and subject areas, including an extensive collection of WebQuests, were housed on the site. For its time, the late 90’s, this represented a unique collection of technology-based curriculum accessible to anyone with access to the web. Technology is dynamic and over time, particularly with the explosive growth of the Internet, millions of sites have become available. We all know how sophisticated many of them are. Indeed, the challenge for educators now is not availability of good “stuff,” but judiciously selecting solutions meeting local or state requirements. TTTC is very proud of its pioneering efforts in delivering quality teacher via the web. We have carefully scrubbed our archives and deleted obsolete projects; however, we are honoring our past by maintaining in projects that are relevant today. We invite to take a tour of the archives…we think you will be amazed by how far we have come using technology in the classroom. We think you will be even more amazed that many of these are still very much alive and well.