Teach The Teachers Collaborative



TTTC is committed to "teach the teacher" as its pedagogical model. We are also committed to "total immersion" as the best environment to deliver our content, using the best instructors we can find. Further, we are committed to support the California State Academic Standards.

Since our creation, over 5500 teachers and administrators have received a wide variety of professional development sessions in the effective and efficient use of technologies in the education environment. All these participants worked and experienced in our unique process.

We know these teachers returned to their home schools and delivered professional development training to teachers in their own schools or districts, thus magnifying the effect of their TTTC experience. In this process, these teachers will transform the way they bring learning to our children who, as active and self-directed learners, will be better prepared for the 21st century.

Our vision is to continue to offer these experiences on the Thacher campus site in a total immersion environment.

Technology is dynamic. Our vision is to continually expand the educational content of our program as well as to understand and teach new technologies, applications, and delivery systems as they impact the educational environment.