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At the November 11, 2003, Board meeting, the Board of Directors approved an increase in the number of Board members from four to seven. This increase is intended to broaden the range of experiences and information available to the Board in planning future TTTC operations. Both the private sector and the education community are well represented.

John Ph.D.
California State University Monterey Bay
Professor of Information Technology and Communications Design
California State University Monterey Bay

John is Professor of Information Technology and Communications Design and Director of a research Lab at CSUMB. One of the founding faculty at CSUMB, his areas of expertise include distance and on line learning, multimedia development and ePortfolio issues. Dr. Ittelson received a Bachelor's degree in Radio-Television-Film, a Master's Degree in Instructional Television, and a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology and Instructional Design from Northwestern University.

Dr. Ittelson currently represents the CSU Chancellor’s Office as the lead on ePortfolio initiatives in the CSU System and other national collaborative activities on ePortfolios. Additionally, he is working with the California Department of Parks to help develop studios at a number of state parks, and to consult to the Parks Online Resources for Teachers and Students (PORTS) Project, the online service providing electronic field trips that allows park rangers and docents to interact with K-12 schools across the state. Dr. Ittelson also serves as the Project Director for the Verizon-funded MarcoPolo California Role Out Partner’s Project, focused on bringing high quality, standards-based Internet content to California’s K-12 classrooms.

A recent research paper, “An Overview of ePortfolios,” co-authored with George Lorenzo, was a top download from EDUCAUSE’s Web site during 2005. John served as an NLII fellow in 2001 and has been an Apple Distinguished Educator since 2000.

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Bernie Ph.D.
Professor of Educational Technology
San Diego State University

Bernie is a Teach the Teachers Collaborative veteran! For seven summers he did workshops at TTTC. (He notes that Ojai is so beautiful that Lost Horizon was filmed there.) The content of these workshops was the WebQuest model, a unique curriculum tool useful in literally any topic and any age beyond the primary grades.

His main professional focus is on the design, implementation and evaluation of computer-based learning environments. At SDSU he teaches courses that focus on the development of WebQuests and lessons wrapped around telecollaboration, databases, games, educational games, simulations, blogs,s wikis, GPS and podcasting. . He also guided curriculum development for the Triton and Patterns Projects, Challenge Grants of the San Diego Unified School District that are now complete.

Bernie has previously served on the educational advisory boards for Broderbund Software and Cable in the Classroom. He is presently an advisor to the eMints National Center, a recognized leader in constructivist teaching and exemplary staff development.

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Dr. Ed.D.
Director, K-12 Science Education
Los Angeles Unified School District

Dr. Ullah holds the Ed.D. in Educational Leadership and has wide-ranging experiences as an educator and scientist, including research work using electron microscopy tools. His dissertation on Charters Schools, Technology, and Systemic Change centered on creating emancipatory educational experiences and opportunities for politically less powerful students and families in urban impacted areas like South Central Los Angeles. Dr. Ullah has served as a Magnet School Coordinator, helped implement the first charters schools in Los Angeles, served on the Palisades Charter Schools Foundation, and was Director of Technology for Complex Schools. He has worked on regional and state level committees for Digital High School grant approvals, the regional coordinating council for the California Technology Assistance Project (CTAP) and Statewide Educational Technology Services Programs (SETS). Former Director of Instructional Technology Applications for the Los Angeles Unified School District, he oversaw all educational technology involving district, state, and, federal grant programs including hardware rollouts and instructional technology plan implementation. He is currently the Director of K-12 Science Education for LAUSD.

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Senior Research Associate
WestEd, San Francisco, California

Mr. Barnett works in the Technology in Education program at WestEd to develop technology planning tools that enable educators to prepare technology plans that will create more powerful student learning. The tools include a technology implementation assessment rubric, a school technology planning template and a unit of study planning template for teachers. Mr. Barnett also manages a project to develop tools to assist schools and other educational agencies to assess the impact of technology use on student learning. Mr. Barnett experiences include Director of Instruction, Technology, Cupertino Union School District; and Director of Student Teaching at the University of California, Davis. He also served two terms and President of the Board, Computer Using Educators.

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Instructional Technology Applications Facilitator (ITAF)
Los Angeles Unified School District

Ms. Sais has an educational background that includes a BA in Child Development, an MA in Special Education/Gifted, and a Multiple Subjects Teaching Credential and 15 years of elementary teaching experience. She has served as technology magnet school coordinator, school site technology coordinator and GATE coordinator. Her experience includes work as Technology Literacy Challenge Grant Advisor and membership on the CLRN Language Arts Software Review Team. She participated as instructor at Teach the Teachers Collaborative during the summers of 1999, 2000, & 2001 and currently serves as an Instructional Technology Applications Facilitator (ITAF) for Los Angeles Unified School District, working on Enhancing Education Through Technology (EETT) grant implementation.

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Teach the Teachers Collaborative

Mr. Meyer has spent his 30-year career in high school teaching, having designed and implemented several innovative programs in mathematics, statistics and computer science. In addition to teaching traditional classes in these areas, Mr. Meyer has developed new courses that have involved high school students in new ways. This has included courses in Number Theory, Symmetry, Perspective Drawing, Robotics, and Cryptography. Mr. Meyer’s plan for teaching Advanced Placement Computer Science was published by the College Board as an exemplary syllabus for the teaching of that course. Mr. Meyer’s work at The Thacher School led to the creation of the W. M. Keck Summer Technology Institute, funded by the W. M. Keck Foundation, in which Southern California teachers were trained in classroom computer use in week-long residential programs at Thacher. This led to his creating the Teach the Teachers Collaborative, started in 1999, in which many 100’s of teachers were trained using this same model. Teach the Teachers has since become known as a high quality, flexible, and effective program for giving teachers much needed skills in classroom computer use.

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F. Robert
Executive Director
Teach the Teachers Collaborative

Mr. Walczak hold a BA and MA from the University of Michigan. After five years teaching in secondary schools in Michigan and California, he joined Science Research Associates, Inc., a subsidiary of IBM, in 1966. Over the next twenty-eight years, Bob worked in a variety of marketing and staff positions at IBM in the education industry, participating in many of the important activities bringing technology into the schools. He retired in 1994 as California State Education Advisor, a senior IBM position, working with senior staff in the state, including the governor, CDE, and the state Board of Education. Bob sat on many important boards, including the Digital California Project, the County Superintendent’s Technology Steering Committee and the California Curriculum Coordinating Council. He also served as Executive Director for Computer Using Educators for five years and has sat on the TTTC board since 2001.

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